Respite Care Grant Program



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The purpose of our Respite Care Grant Program is to encourage caregivers to take a break, a respite, from normal responsibilities, by hiring a respite provider take care of their person with Parkinson’s disease (PWP). We hope this will help relieve some of the stress and demands inherent in taking care of a PWP as the disease progresses.  You can pick up a copy of the guidelines and the application at our general meetings or download a PDF by clicking the images above.

The Support Group will not supply or recommend the respite provider. The caregiver and/or PWP must find that person and make his or her own arrangements. The Respite Care Grant is a reimbursement program for services provided. The financial agreement would be between you and the Provider, and we would agree to reimburse you. A total of $1000 per year will be the authorized reimbursement for each approved applicant, to be used one time or for accumulated events within 12 months of grant approval.

The application must be completed and submitted first, approved by our review team, and an agreement made between the Support Group and the caregiver before the scheduling of respite care takes place. Read the guidelines carefully to increase your chances of approval.